a better way to manage your rental property

We are Real Estate Specialists.

We are real estate professionals with an unblemished pedigree in both property sales and rental management.

We take pride in ourselves

Accountability is central to our values and is evident in every aspect of our operational performance. We pride ourselves on relationship and trust.

We deliver real results

Our dedicated and professional team is trained to deliver a higher quality of real estate experience both to you and your tenant with a focus on deliver results.

Communication is key.

We believe that communication and transparency is vital to developing a relationship with you based on trust and accountability. We will keep you informed and respond to you within four hours via your preferred channel of communication - email; phone call; txt or newsletter.

MARKETING that delivers results

One of the keys to our success is our advanced digital marketing platform that is designed to work with other commercial websites such as and to generate the maximum exposure for your property and deliver enquiries. 

A conservative approach to tenant selection.

We follow a rigorous process to screen prospective tenants. We undertake detailed online credit checks, reference checks, tenancy tribunal database checks and social media checks.

Inspections are important

We always carry out an initial inspection prior to tenants moving in and a bond inspection when tenancy expires. We recommend an additional quarterly programme of property checks to proactively manage presentation of the property and mitigate any small maintenance issues before they become problematic.

We take care of the hard stuff

A tenancy can be a minefield in todays compliant environment. We understand the law and take care of the hard stuff including dispute resolution, legally required notices and mediation with the tenancy tribunal.

We manage maintenance for you

We work with a full complement of qualified and trusted trades people to provide you with the best and most cost efficient property maintenance programme if and when required.

We manage your money with care

Fair market rentals are established following a free rental appraisal and discussion with you. Your money is secure. All rent payments from tenants are paid directly into an audited trust account. You can choose to be paid fortnightly or monthly.

We take care of the little things too

We manage all disbursements such as rates, body corporate fees, maintenance etc and provide you with a detailed report of expenditure. We never spend your money without your prior approval .